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Tips: Reporting Issues

Tips received by servers and other individuals in the service industry are taxable. However, since tips do not show up on T4 slips, some taxpayers are under the false understanding that they are either not taxable, or only partially taxable.

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Business Use Of The Home: Eligible Expenses (Part 1)

A November 27, 2019 French Tax Court of Canada case reviewed various deductions claimed against the taxpayer’s business income derived from engineering and arbitration services related to the business use of his home. The taxpayer and CRA had agreed that 35.83% of the home, mainly the basement which was used as a business office, was used for business purposes.

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There are special laws which hold a director personally liable for certain amounts that their corporation fails to deduct, withhold, remit, or pay.

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In response to U.S. tax changes and cuts, the Federal Government released its Fall Economic Update on November 21, 2018 which primarily focused on changes to the first year of depreciation on most capital assets.

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In a May 8, 2018 Tax Court of Canada case, the Court reviewed whether the taxpayer was earning insurable and pensionable amounts related to her work at a health care clinic for 2015 and part of 2016 up to her termination.

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