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Uncollectible Accounts: Making Them Valuable

Uncollectible Accounts: Making Them Valuable Tax Possibilities – Bad Debt Write-off As many businesses are struggling to collect outstanding amounts, it may be worthwhile to identify [...]

Real Estate Sales: Taxable or not?

In general, gains are fully taxable where the taxpayer buys a property with the intention to sell for a profit (sold on “account of income"). In other cases, half the gain is taxable (sold on “account of capital”). When a sale on “account of capital” involves the sale of a principal residence, the tax may be reduced or eliminated by using the principal residence exemption.

Tips: Reporting Issues

Tips received by servers and other individuals in the service industry are taxable. However, since tips do not show up on T4 slips, some taxpayers are under the false understanding that they are either not taxable, or only partially taxable.

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